The IoT explosion has brought small to midsize business owners a new set of tools to manage and protect their premises, products, people and property. While all these connected devices and new technologies are meant to simplify our lives, it often winds up overwhelming small business owners. Common problems include requiring multiple apps to manage and monitor, and opening up new cybersecurity holes that can allow hackers to infiltrate your business. With new technologies come new worries.

Enter Premises Management. Premises Management is the new, convenient way to manage all the devices and technology you rely on to keep your modern business running efficiently.

A premises management platform gives you the freedom to manage cameras, phone systems, door access controls, sensors and all of your other IOT devices from one simple, cloud-based platform. It eliminates the need to jump from one app to the next and delivers the ease and simplicity that these technologies were meant to provide. By utilizing cloud based technology, gives the business owner or facilities manager access to their IOT devices from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or phone connected to the internet, you can connect, manage, monitor and control a wide range of business-class devices.

Being able to analyze and control critical services wherever you are is another key component to premises management. Your premises management platform should allow you to access information such as network data, sensor data, device information and connection status. Having this data at your fingertips and being able to act on it in real time is critical for keeping your company safe, digitally and physically. Premises management can also make this information easy-to-understand, removing the more intimidating tech details and presenting you with the data you need to know now to make the right business decisions.

Having data at your fingertips is only half the battle. You also need to be able to make quick changes when necessary. A full cloud-based premises management platform should give you the power to manipulate devices on the network and make necessary changes such as powering devices on and off, disconnecting devices from the network, changing user permissions or changing values and variables in device settings.

Premises management allows easy monitoring of all the technology that keeps a business running. It also gives the business owner and trusted employees a way to intervene when things aren’t working properly. A good cloud based premises management platform should be able to do all of this and more, while simplifying the user experience in the process.