Robust connectivity (POTS, cellular, satellite, LORA)
Simplified, point-and-click deployment
Remote monitoring or central station reporting
Unified integration


Keep one on every truck.

IOBOT is a Software Defined Security Device (SDSD) that has the baseline functionality of a network router but with configurable internal modules for customization by market application including phone and intercom, access control, security, network, automation, persistent communications and more. The IOBOT uniquely features the patent-pending AlwaysON Platform that tightly couples the onboard AlwaysON Operating System (OS), AlwaysON Cloud, and AlwaysON Mobile app to provide a singular dashboard for installation, support, service, and end user control.

Each IOBOT comes with USB, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. There are two additional modular slots inside each IOBOT that allow for custom configuration – one communication module (to add Cellular and soon Z-Wave and LoRa) and one personality module that handles physical connections (Analog Phone, Alarm panel, Controllable GPIOs, Relays, Wiegand interface, Z-Wave, RF and other application sensors / standards). The USB interconnect Bus provides the ability to quickly add third party devices, expansion modules, and the optional satellite Unit for global connectivity both on and off grid. There are numerous configurations that customize the IOBOT; dealers can easily add multiple applications to each IOBOT through a wizard-based interface on the AlwaysON Cloud.

For larger properties, installers can add multiple IOBOTs in order to host devices with specific applications (i.e. network management, access control system or satellite alarm reporting), all on the same network.

Unlike other service solutions available on the market today, IOBOT has the ability to uniquely offer robust backup monitoring system connections. When satellite connectivity is added to an IOBOT,  a satellite link acts as a third backup connection to cellular and terrestrial systems for virtually any security panel on the market – particularly ideal for those with mobile assets such as boats or RVs. With this unique feature, which is only available with the IOBOT + SATBOT, customers can have peace of mind that their property is being monitored at all times even if a phone line is disrupted or the Wi-Fi network goes down.

IOBOT Standard Features

  • Hardened BOTLogic™ LOS with extensive security & persistent watchdog management
  • BOTCore MIPS Processor
  • Firewall with Deep Packet Capture
  • DNS, DHCP and VPN Control
  • Programmable Logic Control with Rule Engine and File manager
  • Local Control Integration Interface
  • Fully Featured Onboard Router
  • POTS Interface
  • Wireless Access Point
  • 14-24 VAC/DC Input
  • 12VDC 2 Amp Power Output
  • 12 Volt Battery Charger
  • Expansion Bus for one Communication Module and One Personality Module
  • Expansion Header for I/O
  • USB Switch and SD Card
  • Internal and External Antenna Support

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