AlwaysOn Mobile provides easy, phone-based access to the AlwaysON Portal and IOBOT Appliances.

What is AlwaysON Mobile?

AlwaysON Mobile is the smartphone app that eliminates the need for an end user to toggle between various device apps to manage and control each individual connected device in their home or business. The app serves as a unified, easy to use dashboard with customizable controls for all the devices connected to the home network.

For dealers, AlwaysON Mobile simplifies install, programming and system commissioning; allows both Local and Cloud control of the customer’s system; provides QR code based device management; delivers real-time messaging and notifications on any change in activity on a customer’s system; and offers back-office IT and device tools, and service ticketing. The app also allows dealers to manage passwords and keep client notes as well as 2-way text or call with masked numbers.

For End Users:

  • Easy to use dashboard with customizable controls
  • Simplified integrations
  • Messaging and notifications
  • Cloud control
  • Local control

For Dealers

  • QR Code Based Device Management
  • Simple Install, Programming & System Commissioning
  • RT Messaging & Notifications
  • Cloud Control
  • Local Control
  • IT and Device Tools
  • Service Ticketing
  • Client Notes and Password Manager
  • 2-way texting & customer calling with masked numbers
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