The IOBOT Infrastructure Appliance powered by the AlwaysOn® Cloud Portal integrates physical, logical, and cyber-security elements with connected services. It provides robust connectivity (POTS, cellular, satellite, LORA), point-and-click deployment, remote monitoring and/or central station reporting. The platform includes self-healing procedures that will reduce truck rolls, minimize inventory, and generate increased RMR. The IOBOT gateway can manage, monitor, and control critical real-time infrastructure for alarm systems, network security, access control, automation, video surveillance, IoT, Z-Wave, virtual PBX, onboard WiFi, firewall and routing.

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Integration Management • Finger Swipe Configuration
Customer Management & Billing

AlwaysOn Mobile provides easy, phone-based access to the AlwaysON Cloud portal and IOBOT Appliances.

Coming soon to the Android Store.

Robust connectivity (POTS, cellular, satellite, LORA)
Simplified, point-and-click deployment
Remote monitoring or central station reporting
Unified integration

Track fixed and mobile assets over land and sea, no matter how remote.

A key part of the AlwaysON family of communications devices that provide bi-directional communications and persistent path awareness for reliable connected services.

Provide the physical I/O connections for IOBOT™.