Observables and Sproute Networks Announce Innovative Joint Venture to Integrate SD-WAN and SD-LAN

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – February 13-16 – IT Expo 2017 – Booths #131, 135 – Observables, Inc., the leader in Premises Management Services announces a Joint Marketing, Reseller and Development agreement with Sproute Networks, Inc., a leader in SD-WAN products and services.  The joint venture between these players will create a unified networking business solution, providing end-to-end services for the SMB and Enterprise markets.

“Through this partnership, Observables users can enjoy IP-based real-time situational awareness and control, linking the most powerful multi-service SD-WAN solution for higher resiliency, site and public cloud connectivity through Sproute SD-WAN services,” said Abe Schryer, CEO of Observables. “This compliments Observables Software-Defined LAN (SD-LAN) capabilities and extends security beyond the LAN for complete IP-IoT data transport and security.”

“Sproute Networks and Observables will allow service providers to extend a full suite of highly profitable, recurring billing-based services that address end-user pain points and increase end-user capabilities, security and serviceability,” said Rajesh Varadarajan, Co-Founder of Sproute Networks. “Working together with Observables, we are confident we’ll be able to further simplify the role of IT providers, MSPs and IT operations departments to offer a more fully-featured solution to their customers and companies.”

The agreement combines the strengths of both companies: Sproute Networks’ state-of-the-art SPAN SD-WAN service and Observables’ Critical Edge Services AlwaysON™ Platform.

The integration of these technologies will transform over the next 6 months, as phased releases expedite and streamline feature-to-market readiness.


About Observables:

Observables, Inc. provides unified IoT solutions for small to midsize businesses. The IOBOT® family and AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform scale to handle business needs ranging from simple, plug-and-play installations to custom configurations to solve unique customer problems. Simplifies installations, integrates cyber offerings, lowers operating expenses, generates recurring revenue streaks and creates sticky relationships with happy customers. Observables is privately held in Santa Barbara, California. Visit www.observables.com.

About Sproute Networks:

Sproute Networks is a leading provider of SD-WAN services. It leverages a software solution running on commodity hardware with a multi-tenant cloud managed service to redefine the SD-WAN experience for enterprise customers, managed service providers and ISPs alike by assuring the ease of use and quality of service regardless of the underlying infrastructure or network provider.  Sproute Networks is privately held in Milpitas, California. Visit www.sproute.com.


Press Contacts:

Abe Schryer
Rajesh Varadarajan
Sproute Networks