Observables® Launches First Configurable Router that Allows Dealers to Add Functionality by Application

With Onboard Software Platform and SaaS Business Model, Dealers have an Unprecedented Cross-Market Offering.

Santa Barbara, CA – June 13, 2017 – Observables Inc. will revolutionize security, AV, smart home and IT dealers’ business models with the launch of their new patent-pending IOBOT® with the AlwaysON™ Platform.

IOBOT is a Software Defined Security Device (SDSD) that has the baseline functionality of a network router but with configurable internal modules for customization by market application including phone and intercom, access control, security, network, automation, persistent communications and more. The IOBOT uniquely features the patent-pending AlwaysON Platform that tightly couples the onboard AlwaysON Operating System (OS), AlwaysON Cloud, and AlwaysON Mobile app to provide a singular dashboard for installation, support, service, and end user control. AlwaysON enables dealers to add a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model through revenue based subscriptions determined by end-user service and functionality.

“With the abundance of new security and smart home devices entering the market, we saw a need for dealers to provide an intelligent network platform that could be customized by market application with recurring revenue opportunities based on their services,” said Abe Schryer, President and CEO of Observables.

Each IOBOT comes with USB, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. There are two additional modular slots inside each IOBOT that allow for custom configuration – one communication module (to add Cellular and soon Z-Wave and LoRa) and one personality module that handles physical connections (Analog Phone, Alarm panel, Controllable GPIOs, Relays, Wiegand interface, Z-Wave, RF and other application sensors / standards). The USB interconnect Bus provides the ability to quickly add third party devices, expansion modules, and the optional satellite Unit for global connectivity both on and off grid. There are numerous configurations that customize the IOBOT; dealers can easily add multiple applications to each IOBOT through a wizard-based interface on the AlwaysON Cloud.

The AlwaysON Cloud proactively manages all IP devices on a network, and continuously checks system health to alert dealers if the system is down or a network is breached. If any devices on the network report an error, the AlwaysON Cloud diagnoses and troubleshoots the issue and notifies the dealer, resulting in reduced truck rolls and higher profitability.

AlwaysON Mobile is a smartphone app with an easy-to-use dashboard that eliminates the need for an end user to toggle between various device apps to manage and customize control for each connected device on the network. End-users also receive messaging and notifications on the app. For dealers, AlwaysON Mobile simplifies installation, programming, and system monitoring. It provides QR code based device management, delivers real-time messaging and notifications on any change in activity on a customer’s system, and offers back-office IT and device tools, plus service ticketing.

The IOBOT with AlwaysON enables dealers to monitor and manage any customer IP network, even when that network is down using the optional cellular module or satellite unit. Remote management, simplified firewall, network device scanning, speed tests, DVR access, IP camera management, VOIP phone management, SSH scripting, access point management, and VPNs are all part of the tools in the base IOBOT model.

IOBOT is available with dealer-only pricing starting at similar costs to a typical alarm panel. Observables offers dealers a customizable recurring revenue model that can be sold on a SaaS subscription to customers. The Observables’ program allows dealers across AV, security and IT markets to add new profit points into their business model and capitalize on the demand for physical, logical and cyber services.

Interested dealers can contact Observables and register to become an authorized reseller here. Existing dealers can take advantage of the new dealer portal for easy ordering here.

To learn more about Observables visit: www.observables.com.

About Observables:

Observables, Inc. provides unified IoT solutions for small to midsize businesses. The IOBOT® family and AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform scale to handle business needs ranging from simple, plug-and-play installations to custom configurations to solve unique customer problems. Simplifies installations, integrates cyber offerings, lowers operating expenses, generates recurring revenue streaks and creates sticky relationships with happy customers. Observables is privately held in Santa Barbara, California. Visit www.observables.com.

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