Observables® Debuts Cloud-Based SD-LAN for IoT Security

Las Vegas, NV – April 18, 2018 – Channel Partners Conference & Expo – Booth #9013 – Observables, Inc., the leader in Premises Management Services is releasing their all-new, first-ever Cloud-Based Software-Defined Local Area Network (SD-LAN) services this week, to extend security beyond the LAN for complete IP-IoT data transport and security. AlwaysON provides an intelligent and simplified approach to connecting, managing, monitoring and controlling on-premises IP-centric IoT devices.

Abe Schryer, CEO, stated, “The AlwaysON Secure Premises Management Platform is built on forming a circle of trust around your clients’ premises. We are introducing our all new SD-LAN solution to securely manage software-defined local devices, such as IP, Z-wave, Zigbee, Sigfox and LoRA. All of our IOBOT Software-Defined Security Devices include onboard routing and built-in firewall protection. It’s our goal provide a layer of security all home and commercial IoT and legacy devices from threats including hacking, device hijack, and data infiltration.”

This announcement comes in response to a growing need for cyberdefense of the IoT. The AlwaysON SD-LAN protects your current installed base of legacy IoT devices. It will also accommodate almost any type of IoT device added to networks, including alarm systems, security cameras, phone devices, wi-fi, routers, mobile devices, environmental systems and sensors, entry and gate systems.

It also provides a TL1.2 and N-256 encrypted security SD-LAN layer of protection for all attached devices. “We call it the “Circle of Trust”,” says Terry Howard, Vice President of Business Development and Channel Partners veteran.

This platform is positioned to support small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have adequate security measures in place. Clients will be assured that their devices are secured against hackers, rogue intrusions and unauthorized data collection. All of those concerns fade away as the AlwaysON IOBOT powered by the cloud is securing and monitoring your clients network using a customizable set of IoT network management rules that they can easily control.

About Observables:

Observables, Inc. provides unified IoT solutions for small to midsize businesses. The IOBOT® family and AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform scale to handle business needs ranging from simple, plug-and-play installations to custom configurations to solve unique customer problems. Simplifies installations, integrates cyber offerings, lowers operating expenses, generates recurring revenue streaks and creates sticky relationships with happy customers. Observables is privately held in Santa Barbara, California. Visit www.observables.com.

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