Premises management for a worship facility is very similar to managing any other type of office building or school campus. The only primary difference is that churches, synagogues, and mosques often use volunteers to keep things running from day to day.

Quite often worship facilities can be busy, with activities going on almost daily.  Whether it’s a Sunday morning worship service, a Thursday night bible study or a Saturday afternoon wedding – something is always going on. It’s because of this constant use of facilities that good coordination, planning and scheduling are necessary to ensure that the building remains well-maintained and secure.

Below are 3 smart premises management upgrades your worship facility may be in need of.

Smart Access Control

Keeping the doors locked and secure when nobody is using the facility has always been important to every church, synagogue and mosque. In recent years, nearly a 50% increase in burglaries at places of worship was reported. Often these burglaries occurred because the doors were left unlocked, or the locks were easily picked.

This type of burglary can be deterred by installing electric locks that require a PIN or key fob in order to gain access. Electric locks are smarter these days and can even be controlled from a smartphone or computer. A facilities manager could easily determine if the doors are properly locked even when he or she is nowhere near the building.

High Resolution Cameras

Having someone to keep an eye on the facility at all times would be great, but worship facilities often don’t have it in their budget to hire on-site security every hour of the day. Having a high resolution camera system installed is a smart premises management solution. Camera systems these days can be viewed remotely and notify facilities managers when they detect motion. When cameras are visible and clearly marked they help deter crime and vandalism from happening in and around the facility.

Smarter Alarm System

Technology has come a long way in alarm systems, and if your facility hasn’t updated its’ alarm system in the last ten years it’s definitely something you should consider. Modern alarm systems can be integrated to work with carbon monoxide and smoke detection. They can be installed with wireless and cellular capabilities to eliminate outages. They can also be paired with a smartphone for easy control.

Your place of worship is a safe haven for all those who congregate there. Keeping up with modern premises management technology will guarantee that they stay safe.