Technology: it’s supposed to make running your business easier. However, technology adds complexities that bring new challenges. Business owners struggle with poor internet connections, out-of-service point of sale terminals and the rising costs of critical new technologies.

Current statistics show that only 30% of small business owners are concerned about keeping up with advances in technology, yet an incredible 70% of malware attack victims are small businesses. Premises management keeps your business safe and keeps things running smoothly.

What Is Premises Management?

Premises Management Software integrates IoT and legacy technologies with edge computing solutions so business owners can manage, monitor and control their premises from anywhere in the world with a single app.

In a retail business setting, some of the key technologies managed in a Premises Management SaaS solution include:

  • IP, Data & Telecom IoT – network monitoring, POTS line replacement and cybersecurity
  • Security & Life Safety IoT – security alarms, access control, and video cameras
  • Sensing & Measurement IoT – temperature sensors, energy meters and water presence sensors
  • Human Factor IoT –  Video snapshots for attendance, phone forwarding,  and geofencing
  • Media & Messaging IoT –  digital signage and business music ser

Advantages of Premises Management

With a Premises Management system, business owners are able to see real-time data with actionable information that can be tracked and analyzed. This all gives you full situational awareness of your business for both the physical premises and cybersecurity, along with the ability to make better, safer, data-driven decisions about your business and your premises.

With the Observables line of Software-Defined Security Devices and the AlwaysON™ Premises Management Services Delivery Platform, you can take control of your business and have the situational awareness needed to succeed. The AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform starts with the integration of your network and combines IOBOT devices, communication modules and software-driven services to give you a streamlined interface.

How Premises Management Works

After initial setup on your network, we can integrate a wide range of devices based on your needs. Door access controls, automation systems such as IR control and music systems, and even digital signage can all be integrated into the system to give you constant control over the technology on your premises from anywhere in the world. For high-value retail businesses, the most common integrations include gunshot detection, biometric door access, closed circuit camera systems and cellular or satellite failover for point of sale systems.

Keeping up with technology and protecting your business from cyber criminals is of the utmost importance, but it doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to do it alone. Call Observables for help keeping your retail business safe and profitable.