Are you searching for ways to improve hotel customer satisfaction? In the hotel management industry, customer satisfaction relies on many factors.  A good hotel must tend to the needs of their customers on a physical, mental and emotional level. Hotel clients are leaving their homes behind and trusting the hotel staff to keep them and their belongings safe. This is why it’s so important for hotels to have a secure and reliable premises management platform. Let’s explore the latest solutions available through the AlwaysON platform.

Door Access Control is the Cornerstone of a Successful Hotel

Good peace of mind and a sense of security start with the hotel room door. As soon as guests check into their rooms the door locks are the first thing they’re going to notice. Whether the locks are reliable or not will be crucial to their sense of safety. If there’s any doubt about how secure the door lock is, they may question the quality of the hotel in general.

Observables® offers a flexible arrangement of effective and reliable door access solutions. Whether it’s guest rooms, meeting areas, or parking gates, you can track every entrance from the AlwaysON™ platform. Door codes, RFID cards, and key fobs can be easily set up and tracked from one location.

Cameras are Crucial to Providing Peace of Mind

Hotels have many common areas open to the public. Without some type of monitoring solution, public spaces are vulnerable to criminal activity. Unfortunately, it would be too costly to hire enough security staff to be at all locations of a hotel. Cameras are the best solution to this problem. A smalll number of staff can have eyes over every area at all times. Customers can relax and enjoy their stay when they know that common areas are being monitored.

Video Cameras can connect to the AlwaysON™ platform for single location monitoring. You can keep an eye over public areas, pools, parking and exterior spaces to ensure guests are safe. Regular snapshots and email alerts provide a record of events as they occur.

Reliable Cybersecurity Protects Sensitive Information

Modern hotels keep track of everything on computers, from customer data to check-in times. Also, every guest usually has a smartphone, laptop, or other WiFi connected device. This means a lot of devices on one network, or to look at it a different way, a lot of sensitive personal data all housed under one roof. Keeping that information safe is an extremely important part of good premises management. It’s not enough to simply provide a guest network. You need a strong firewall and monitored network access.

With an IOBOT® Nano monitoring your network you can watch for suspicious activity. The AlwaysON™ platform makes it easy to set up rules and alerts. You’ll have complete control of your network and the devices connected to it.

A Smart Hotel is a No-Brainer

It’s true that there are many factors involved in running a successful hotel. But premises management is the foundation on which to build a safe and secure environment. Guests are always satisfied when they feel as safe and secure in your hotel as they do at home.


Observables® offers a wide range of products to fulfill the needs of any hotel. Contact us today for a free consultation.