Connected Services Platform

Devices, Modules, Software and Services to Get Your Solution to Market Quickly
A complete hardware/firmware/software/cloud system that will get you into the market faster. Pre-certified devices allow you to spend time creating instead of worrying about certifications.

Implement your ideas and get to the market sooner, you can use as little or as much of our end to end solution as you want and it’s all customizable! From branding to the communication configuration, all of the aspects of the system can be modified easily to suit your needs.

We offer:

AlwaysON™: Connected Services SaaS Platform

IOBOT®: Software Defined Security Device

BotCore™: Processor component with onboard RAM, Ethernet/ USB/ UART and WiFi

Communication Modules: CellCM (2G, 3G & 4G LTE models), LoRaCM, ZCM (Z-Wave)

SATBOT®: Satellite Communication Module for communicating with and tracking fixed and mobile assets over land and sea, no matter how remote.

• Personality Modules: Phone PM (POTS Line ReplacementAnalog Telephone Adapter,  SIP Voice Server…), Alarm PM  (Alarm Panel, Automation, Sensor Integration…)