Finally, Affordable License Plate Recognition 

Everything you want from your License Plate Recognition system:

  • Cloud-Based
  • Plug-and-Play
  • No NVR Needed
  • Rule-Based Text and Email Alerts
  • Stored Snapshots
  • Live Video Available
  • 60-Month Service Plan Included

The Product

The affordable way to monitor vehicles at your premises

The AlwaysON Kit extends your security perimeter to your parking lot, driveway or adjacent street,


AlwaysON Premises Management Platform

Unified security and IOT for businesses and multi-unit residential applications. A one-stop dashboard for monitoring and controlling the technology that keeps you safer.

Capture and store vehicle and license plate snapshots

Read license plates into a secure, searchable database

Control your text and email alerts with custom rules


Plug-and-Play Simplicity.

Pair AlwaysON to a Video Camera

Choose a kit with a camera or set up your own system using almost any IP camera and our point and click set up wizards.

Set Up Your Rules and Notifications

Teach AlwaysON what to keep an eye on. Blacklist or whitelist license plates, set up alerts and control delivery.

Protect Your Premise with Real-Time Knowledge

Log in to the platform at any time to find out exactly what’s going on at your premises. Check in from your mobile phone or computer from anywhere in the world.

Mobile App

Monitoring your premises from the palm of your hand.

AlwaysON™ offers a web- and mobile-based control of your cameras. See what’s happening on your premises from anywhere in the world.

Cloud-Based Application

For unparalleled uptime and security

Web and Mobile-Friendly Interface

Access your cameras and data anytime, anywhere

Identify License Plates from All States and Many Countries.

Plug-and-play for affordable license plate recognition worldwide

30 Days of Cloud Snapshot Storage Included

Review footage, learn about traffic trends and investigate incidents on your schedule

60-Month Service Plan Included

No monthly fee for 5 years!

Multiple Users with Different Access Permissions

Priveledges are simple to set up and revoke

Industry Applications

Perimeter protection for…

Gated Homes & Communities

Elegant, hands-free gate operation and a complete record of visitors

Multi-Unit Residential Parking

Track visitors, discourage vandalism and gather evidence if a break-in occurs

Parking Lot Access Control

Scan plates to authorize access to parking lots and garages

Hands-Free Gate Control

Stop fumbling with PIN codes, cards and fobs and make parking easier

School Pick Up Monitoring

Receive alerts when a blacklisted vehicle arrives on your premises

Private Property Enforcement

Know when an unauthorized vehicle enters your premises.


Built to perform.

Highly Secure

Anything out of the ordinary is flagged and reported.

Simple Management

Control everything from a single, point-and-click dashboard.

Trainable AI

Use rules to train the AI what does – and does not – get reported as unusual activity.

Bolt on More Services

Integrate cameras, sensors, access control devices, alarm panels, phones and more when it’s time to grow.

Simple pricing.

License Plate Recognition Kit


AlwaysON Premises Management Platform

2MP Camera

Cables & Installation Accessories


Includes 60 months of service.

IOBOT Nano – LPR Edition


AlwaysON Premises Management Platform

Connect Your Own IP Camera


Includes 60 months of service.

Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service

Add-Ons Available


Vehicle Identification AI

Recognize and record the make, model and color of vehicle

Object and Action Recognition AI

Automatically identify objects such as vehicles, bicycles, wild animals, or pets, and activities such as delivering a package

Facial Recognition AI

Match faces taken from real-time video with a database of previously stored images of faces

Watchlist Integration

Trigger automatic alerts when any vehicle on a stolen vehicle or Amber Alert watch list is sighted

Service Vehicle Integration

Use rules to automate access for UPS, FedEx and emergency services vehicles


Additional Cameras

Monitor multiple premises entrances or parking lots (up to 8 cameras per Nano)

Higher Resolution Cameras

Gain detail and increase clarity over distance for long-range LPR

Analog Camera Integration Kit

Convert legacy cameras into License Plate Recognition cameras

Cellular Connection Kit

Works in place of an internet connection or communications backup

Solar Panel Power Conversion Kit

Makes remote installations self-contained – no trenching