AlwaysON™ connects, manages, monitors and controls all IoT aspects of your law office.

We keep an eye on what’s important to you – secure phone and fax communications, cutting-edge network monitoring and security, and full-service access control.  From watching who’s coming and going, to securing all of your network devices and communications, to integrating your fax with your secure network to “cut the cord”, we have all of your needs covered. Observables can help you ensure that your office is secure, running smoothly, and can send you alerts if anything’s going wrong.

Connect a VOIP phone system and run all of your phone services – with integrated, secure faxing – through the AlwaysON™ platform.

Protect your sensitive data with our high-security networking capabilities. The built-in router provides advanced VPN, firewall & IP geofencing.

Connect a smart lock to quickly enable full access control so you can see when employees come and go, control who has access and grant privileges to maintenance and delivery crews.


Protect Your Office

Your sensitive data and confidential files are valuable – make sure they’re protected.

Save Time and Resources

Automated system tracks the office for you, without having to hire staff or do it yourself.

Integrate all IoT

Stop checking one app for your network and another for access. Combine your IoT devices into a single dashboard.

Monitor from Anywhere

24/7 access from anywhere via any Internet-enabled device. Android and iOS apps are free to download.

With AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform, you get:

High Security

Monitor transactions from end-to-end. Protect your reputation by making sure your customers’ data is secure.

Make Legacy Systems Smart

Upgrade existing systems with our drag-and-drop modules and make managing them easier.

Single-App Managment

Set up, monitor and control everything  from one easy-to-use app.

It's Easy To Get Started.

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