AlwaysON™ creates a unified, affordable Smart Hotel. 

Raise Customer Satisfaction • Improve Safety • Single App Management • Lower OPEX

For hotel management, AlwaysON guides predictive maintenance, lowers OPEX, improves energy conservation and raises customer satisfaction.

For guests, IoT in hospitality plays a vital role in a comfortable, customized and modern stay. It can give guests control over lights, temperature and access control to their room from their mobile device. Guest preferences can be recorded, archived and managed automatically.

For events, AlwaysON™ can guide service timing in breakout rooms, adjust sound and lighting, and even modify room temperature based on number of attendees present.

Take advantage of big savings when you convert from POTS lines for phone, fax, elevator phone and gates.

Connect video cameras to watch over public areas, pool, parking and exterior spaces to ensure that guests and staff are safe at all times.

Monitor access for guest rooms, meeting areas, parking gates, staff entrances, and secure areas.

Smarter hotel security combines intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and fire detection into a single solution. It’s intelligent, actionable, and cost-effective.

Replace your phone and fax services with E911 compliant, IP-based lines and save.

Receive alerts when your refrigerator temperature is too high, risking food spoilage. Install water presence sensors to minimize damage. Track and adjust thermostats throughout your property.

Improve customer engagement and experience with an integrated system that transforms into an emergency notification system when needed.

Make your operations run smoothly with automated actions that save time, money and make running your business easier.

Consolidate your broadband service. Increase network security. Monitor devices and activity on your network and get notifications of suspicious activities.


Lobby & Back Office

Increased security with alarm and video surveillance. POTS line replacement for fax, IP phone, elevator phone and alarm.

Restaurant & Bar

Temperature monitoring with alert capabilities guards against spoilage. Automated system tracks temperatures for you, removing the need to schedule manual checks for compliance.

Meetings & Events

Manage lighting, temperature, energy use, and music. Get alerts when breakout rooms are empty and ready for service. 

Facilities Management & Parking

Control parking gates systems and monitor parking areas by video. Alerts and notifications can help your staff with effective preventative maintenance. 

Guest Rooms

One-stop-shopping for all your smart hotel guest service needs: access control, temperature control,  

With AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform, you get:

Raise Customer

Improve overall guest experience for better ratings, rebooking and referrals with fewer complaints.


Integrate alarm, video surveillance, sensors, and access control systems for improved situational awareness.

Single-App Managment

Set up, monitor and control everything  from one easy-to-use app.  Enable all your devices to cross-communicate.


Save on integrated services, fine-tune your hotel’s power consumption, and automate functions.

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