The Smarter Way to Manage Your Smart Business

Protect your people, premises, and profits.

The AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform is designed to make running your business safer and easier. 

What do we mean by premises management?

 The AlwaysON™ Premises Management Platform unifies the management of all subsystems in a premise. 

AlwaysON™ unifies security devices like video cameras, access control and alarm, sensors to measure anything from temperature to water presence, manages your cyber security and provides phone services as well.

It’s a one-stop dashboard for monitoring and controlling the technology that keeps your business running safely.



App chaos: you have an app for this, another app for that, and you’re frustrated that they can’t all talk to one another. You know your technology could be doing more. 


 Get all of your data and controls organized in one place, so you can get the information you need to run your business better. And get the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s highly secure.

Simplify. Secure. Streamline.

Built to give small to midsize businesses the data and control they need to make a difference.

Highly Secure

Security is part of all of the components of the system. Each packet can be monitored to assure it is coming from a reliable source and being sent to a legitimate destination. Anything out of the ordinary is flagged and reported.

Manage Everything Easily

One centralized dashboard simplifies your processes by eliminating app-hopping – your data is ready for you at a glance.

Better AI Decision-Making

Take more off your plate by setting up rules and processes to run automatically, depending on what’s happening at your premises now.

Selective, Smart Notifications

AlwaysON learns what’s important to you – and when to escalate issues to your dealer or Central Station. We aim to minimize notifications and keep them to a critical few.

Redundant Communications

Make sure you’re never offline – and that your connection cannot be cut. We support cellular, satellite and more.

Simple System Expansion

Works with a wide variety of cameras, sensors, access control devices, alarm panels, phones and more to give you choices when it’s time to grow. Plus, it can even make legacy systems smart and update equipment you already own.

Who It’s For: Small, Smart Operations

Here are a few examples of how AlwaysON is being used in the field today.


Alarm with persistent communication satellite


Surveillance Video Camera Monitoring


Multi Door Access Control with Cellular


Relay Control for Well Pump And Irrigation System


IP Network Monitoring with Auto Rebooting


Multi-Line Phone System: PBX Replacement with IP Phones

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