Why License Plate Recognition?

Keep track of who is coming and going on your premises. Monitor gates and parking areas for enhanced security. Recognize plates from all US states & gather car information.

Integrates with already installed ONVIF Cameras.

Perimeter Security

  • Extend perimeter security to your parking lot, driveway or nearby streets
  • Record crimes such as package thefts, stolen cars, and break ins
  • Identify witnesses or victims

Video Capture & Analytics

  • Track known and suspicious vehicles
  • Read front, back, and stacked plates
  • Recognize plates and take snapshots using AI

Why Choose Us?

Our systems are expandable and customizable for every situation so you stay secure no matter how your business grows.
  • Embedded AI
  • IoT Functionality
  • Affordable
  • Customer Support

Robust Features

Track All License Plates

Hands-Free Gate Access

Motion & Video Clips

30 Day Cloud Storage

Camera Management

Custom Rule Handling

Capture and store vehicle and license plate snapshots

Read license plates into a secure, searchable database

Control your text and email alerts with custom rules

LPR Applications

Gated Homes & Communities

Elegant, hands-free gate operation and a complete record of visitors

Multi-Unit Residential Parking

Track visitors, discourage vandalism and gather evidence if a break-in occurs

Parking Lot Access Control

Scan plates to authorize access to parking lots and garages

Hands-Free Gate Control

Stop fumbling with PIN codes, cards and fobs and make parking easier

School Pick Up Monitoring

Receive alerts when a blacklisted vehicle arrives on your premises

Private Property Enforcement

Know when an unauthorized vehicle enters your premises.

Ready to Get Started?

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