What is the Collaborative Management Platform?

The latest in our video service line up. The Collaborative Event Management Platform allows users to view and handle emergency events in real-time with your trusted employees, managers, or even dispatch operators. No app download required, simply receive a notification on any smart phone when an event is triggered. Be proactive and empower your community to take control.


  • Only people you trust have access to the Collaborative Event Management Platform, all users are required to set passcodes, duress codes are optional


  • Real-time chat history keeps everyone updated and engaged to best handle the situation. Events can be quickly escalated with the click of a button to include property managers, owners, or your central station

Human Verification

  • Clips are verified by a human, then the user is notified and they can choose to cancel or confirm the dispatch

Robust Features

Human Verification

Advanced Call List Options

Geolocation Availability

Central Station Options

Siren, Audio, and Lighting

Custom Rule Handling

Real-Time Chat / Event Log

Event Escalation Groups

Accessible on Any Smart Phone

Why Choose Us?

Our systems are expandable and customizable for every situation so you stay secure no matter how your business grows. No app download required, works on any smart phone.
  • Embedded AI
  • IoT Functionality
  • Affordable
  • Customer Support


Track Entire Event and Chat History

View or send the event history to central dispatch or for your own records.

Quick Updates and Notifications

Communicate in real-time with your trusted staff to resolve events. View, Text or Call all in one place on your phone or desktop.

Here’s What You Need



Compatible Standards: ONVIF
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Ready to Get Started?

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