The holidays can be the best time of the year filled with joy and festive celebrations but it’s also a time when we open ourselves up to vulnerabilities. Robbery and larceny increase 20% during this time of year. Businesses close, people leave on vacation and more often than not they aren’t thinking about what might happen while they’re away. Here are our 5 smart tips for protecting businesses and homes through the holiday season.

1. Make sure all the cameras are functioning properly

A business owner finds the front window has been smashed or the backdoor was forced open. They pull up their camera system app on their phone and find no footage of the incident. The system didn’t have enough storage to save, the camera’s view was obstructed by a spider web, or the camera was never set up properly to record during those hours. You might be surprised how often this happens. One of the biggest mistakes people make with their camera systems is not properly maintaining it.

2. Automated security lights inside and out

Minimize risk by making sure the outside areas of the building are well lit. Thieves and burglars will use the cover of darkness to break windows, locks, steal packages, and hide from security cameras. Another good tip is to automate the interior lights as well. If it looks like someone is there it will help deter break ins.

3. Ensure the security system is armed

What good is a security system if it’s not being armed? Security systems must be armed properly for them to be of any use. That may seem obvious but sometimes employees forget to set the alarm before they lock up or all too often the alarm schedule is set up incorrectly. Make sure your alarm system is active and functioning properly during the designated times that it needs to be. For businesses, typically from closing to opening, and for residences we highly recommended setting it every night once your household is settled.

4. Add access control to the security system

For an extra layer of security, you can easily add access control to your existing system. Know who is coming and going at all times. Manage liability by getting rid of keys, allowing you to add or remove users when you need. Works for single door to multi-door, multi-site or enterprise buildings and properties. Keyless entry minimizes risk and helps protect sensitive areas by restricting access.

5. Use Common Sense and regain your peace of mind

Be aware of what can be seen through the windows of your business and home. Don’t leave valuables in plain view. If you don’t have a security system already, now is the perfect time to think about installing one. Most people don’t believe they need a security system until it’s too late. Regain your peace of mind and fully enjoy your vacation knowing that what’s important to you is protected.

We hope you stay safe during these holidays. Observables offers a number of security solutions to help protect what’s important to you, including camera management and verified dispatch.