Robust connectivity (POTS, cellular, satellite, LORA)
Simplified, point-and-click deployment
Remote monitoring or central station reporting
Unified integration


Keep one on every truck.

IOBOT, powered by the AlwaysON Cloud Portal,  manages, monitors, and controls critical real-time infrastructure for alarm systems, network security, access control, automation, video surveillance, IoT, Z-Wave, virtual PBX, onboard WiFi, firewall and routing.

The IOBOT was conceived to bridge the gap between old and new and provide a wide variety of functionality. The Gateway can be a POTS line replacement device as well as an IP network router or even a simple Gate Intercom. Access Control and Video are easily supported as well the Gateway can be integrated with the keypad bus on most alarm panels. If a new panel is added to the system, the Gateway will support that as well. The system is always scanning a customer’s network for new devices and they are added in real time. The system also has the ability to block traffic from a blacklisted site. Adding logic and rules via the online portal makes notification and central station settings a snap.

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