Premises Management Platform

RMR Generation Opportunities

Point-and-Click Deployment

Make Legacy Systems Smart

Robust Connectivity (POTS, Cellular, Satellite, LoRa)

We help you connect, manage, monitor and control a wide range of devices all from one easy-to-use platform.

Improving experiences for:


Easy to use app and interface

New and useful services

Professional installation


Better notification capabilities


Simplified onboarding

Highly connectable

Single-app management

Profitable with RMR opportunities

Stable and reliable equipment

Notified Parties

Fewer false alarms

Better data

Makes decisions


Faster time to repair

Increased circle of awareness

Observables tools make it easy to manage:


Security and fire system monitoring.

POTS Line Replacement with PERS Support
Remote Arming
Full Panel Replacement (8 zones)


Coordinate and control all of your devices.

Secure Network Management
Speed Monitoring
Password Management
Wifi Scanning and Setup
Parental Controls

Access Control

People who need access are allowed in. And the system knows what is happening at all times.

Weigand & Bluetooth Reader Support
Single and Multidoor and Multi Site Support
Intercom and Video Integration
Zwave, Bluetooth and Wifi Lock Support
Full Portal Control and Remote Key Managment
Strike or Mag Lock Doors


Land line (POTS) going away? We have your replacement.

POTS Line Replacement
Analog Telephone Adapter
Google Voice Integration
SIP Voice Server
Voice Commands
PBX Features
Gate Intercom
Masked Numbers
911 Call Routing and Notification
Back Up Phone / Panic Room Phone

Home Control

Coordinate and control all of your devices.

Lights, Locks and Thermostats
NEST Family Integration
Z-Wave, Zigbee and Wifi Devices
Irrigation, Garage Door
Elder Care and Staff Management
Voice Control – Alexa, Google, Siri


Everything from home theaters to CCTV monitoring.

Video Verification
Remote DVR/NVR Access
Gate Camera
ONVIF and SIP Cameras
Nest Camera Support
Integrated Camera Server


The Observables Premises Management Platform is designed to meet the challenges of today’s connected world.

  • Redundancy, Scalability, High Security
  • Remotely Upgradeable and Manageable
  • Programmable Logic with Rule Engine
  • AutoRouter™ with Switch, WAP and DPI
  • Robust Connectivity WAN, Cell, Satellite
  • Complete RMR and Billing Manager
  • Extensive Notification & Messaging Agent
  • Dealer Branding and Support Escalation
  • Partner API & Central Station Integrations

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